There is no other way to describe myself but to say that i am a artist in many ways. Designing is my life, career and passion.
My blog consist of my own personal work and things that i find interesting. I believe blog describe a lot about someones personality. Here is mine.
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    Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs by Katerina Kamprani

    on Behance | Facebook | Artist onTumblr

    Product designers are often preoccupied with making objects that are as useful as possible. However, Katerina Kamprani

    an Athens-based architect and 3d modeller, has created a series of everyday objects called “The Uncomfort ” where just the opposite is true.

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    me when i try to do anything in life

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    enter my tropical paradise


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    things i don’t own enough of
    • lingerie
    • candles
    • make up
    • other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them

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    Poor kid

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    Exploring “Ghost City” (город-призрак) in Seredinkovo, Russia

    For more bizarre and beautiful photos from “Ghost City” in Seredinkovo, explore the Город Призрак location page.

    Old taverns, abandoned docks and ghost ships are all part of “Ghost City” (город-призрак), a park located in the small town of Seredinkovo in the Russian countryside. The park premises were originally constructed as a Russian movie set in 2010, and were designed to look like an 18th-century European city. Now open to the public, the former film set allows visitors to explore the “city” and dress up in period costumes. With replicas of prisons, gallows, hotels, cemeteries, a fort and more, the park offers opportunities to capture time-worn landscapes for visitors and Instagrammers alike.

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